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Design foundation to brand book

Sr. Visual Designer

Jose Torres (Myself)

My Tools

Figma, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Although my main focus as the senior visual designer was to build out our product's visual design. I owned and led the creation of Relief's design foundation, now a full-fledged brand book guiding our products and marketing efforts.

The Impact

We now have design consistency and cohesion across the organization. It's empowering all our product initiatives and go-to-market strategies.

The Problem

Relief's early brand styles lacked accessibility, adaptability, identity, and documentation. This caused friction between the design and engineering regarding handoff and development.


Through stakeholder interviews, I actively uncovered recurring pain points.

  • Lack of accessibility and adaptability

  • Lack of real identity

  • Lack of documentation

Going in a new direction

After interviewing all the stakeholders, it was decided that the brand's core should invoke calmness. I started by drafting and defining our new design foundation for our new color pallet, space, visual art, animation, and typography.

 First impressions matter

In early user testing, testers immediately felt a sense of calm upon opening the app, proving the new direction was successfully invoking calmness. This solidified the Founders' support for the new design direction.

Map it out

Initially, I had outlined our design system and visual library. Defining use cases and patterns as I built out the MVP.


The delivery of Relief's living brand book, see below. 

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