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Honey Visual Library

Visual Design Team

Samantha Lopez (Lead)

Jose Torres (Myself)

Our Tools

Figma, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, C4D

My Role

Visual Designer / Animator


During my time at Honey, I got the opportunity to help define and build the Honey Visual Library that focused on Iconography, Illustration, 3D, Mockups, Photography and Animation. This robust Visual Art Library would support the Product, Marketing and all other departments and be a single source of truth. I supported the product experience by partnering with product designers to help evaluate the best visual design solutions for projects. I focused on illustration, animation and storytelling to ensure that the ever-expanding visual art and animation library was aligned with the brand.

System Icons

We used an icon grid system for Honey Iconography. Ingredients included a pixel grid, keyshapes, and safe areas, each providing reference points to draw against. The grid system was the perfect tool for speed and consistency for large icon sets and provides the same starting point for multiple contributors.

Icon Size

We created a system of icons at 24px and 16px, with the 24px being scaled down to 16px versions. When working with 16px icons, some designs required us to gracefully reduce detail for clarity and readability.

Brand Vision Refresh

This exploration aimed to connect Coiny to the style, feel friendly and joyful, and think about asset creation efficiency and scalability. My team and one creative designer banded together to work on ideas. We then pulled all assets that felt uniquely Honey and started pushing those ideas further.


These are large, highly detailed illustrations that are composed to communicate bigger stories and ideas.

Imagery Placement Chart

After a new style was established and a library was developed, a use case system had to be created to educate designers on best practices. The idea was to let all product and marketing designers have access to quickly mockup assets to fit their designs.


These are small illustrations, often paired with more granular messaging.


Medium-sized illustrations are used to accompany messages at a secondary level.

The Solution

Create more documentation and an imagery placement chart to educate designers on best practices and use cases. A new visual art library was established, full of hero, midsize, and thumbnail mockups covering all product and marketing operations.

The Problem

After a few months, we saw many inconsistencies surface around color, unbalanced objects, use cases, and styles.

New Illustration Library


Lottie Animation

Visual Art in Product, Growth, and Marketing

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