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World’s Fair Blend

The Impact

Ronnoco saw an increase in coffee sales the following year, and customers trusted the brand more after learning about how the company gives back to the community.

The Ask

Create a new package design that stands out from competitors and inform customers of Ronnoco's prosperous history of 111 years in St. Louis.


I researched extensively to understand the history of Ronnoco's and the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. I landed on using the Ferris wheel, which has a fun myth attached to its history that the locals widely knew. It was said that its axle (45½ feet in length and weighing 89,320 pounds) was buried in Art Hill in Forst Park.


Ronnoco Coffee has a long history with Forest Park. It was started by J.P. and James J. O'Connor (Ronnoco spelled backward) during the 1904 World's Fair at Forest Park in St. Louis. This World's Fair Blend is a tribute to the beautiful Forest Park and what it means to the great city of St. Louis. Ronnoco also pledged to donate a portion of this coffee sold to Forest Park Forever, a private, nonprofit organization.


I collaborated with leadership and oversaw the World's Fair Blend's art direction. I conceptualized the brand style and design and created a custom script font for 'World's' that adds to the feeling of 1904 hand-lettering with a modern twist. I coordinated with our print partner and oversaw the print production for the finalized bag design. After the design was completed, I began working on producing all the custom POS items and signage for all commercial customers.

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