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Loading and Background Animations

Below are the loading and background Lottie animations I created for the Evite app. Unfortunately, I do not have mockups of these in the App or images of all the ideas I conceptualized.

Confetti Burst

I hand-animated the confetti as Lottie doesn't support the effects I would have used. I manipulated the shapes to give the animation an effect of 3D and created a guide to help me understand the confetti pathing after it bursts out. Lastly, I added other motions like rotations and trim paths on the two streamers to make them look more natural.

Flower Bloom

This design was a pretty simple concept, which was for a bouquet of flowers to pop out from behind the logo, and the flower heads spin with subtle motion as it waves back and forth as if it was in the wind.

Animation Previews 

Original Design

Final Design

Design and Animation

I crafted these ideas in illustrator and used every color in Evite's brand book. I wanted it to stand out on the white background when the user opened the app. I then brought these into After Effects to start the animation. At the end of this process, the decision was made to use the confetti animation as it was the most evergreen and didn't need to be changed. 

Final Pick

Ultimately, it was decided to use the confetti animation only as it was the most evergreen that visually felt more like the brand and didn't need to be changed.

Splash Screen

I had the chance to collaborate with the mobile product team to produce and lead the illustration and animation style for a new Splash Screen for Evite's mobile experience. The goal was to create a magical moment reflecting Evite's brand identity and keep it lightweight to avoid bogging the app loading process.

Original Design

Final Design

Mobile Loader - Done Editing

This animation of a letter flowing into an envelope and closing with love would play when the user was done editing their invitation and moving on to the next step.

Mobile Loader - Sending

This animation would play after the user sent the invite to their invitees. There was a short wait time at this step for processing, so it was perfect for showing this delightful outgoing invite.

Mobile Background Animation

This confetti cascade animation would play in the background on the profile page of a user.

Ideas and Top Picks

At first, we thought we wanted a seasonal Splash Screen that went with each holiday from the catalog of categories. Below are some concepts.

Two evergreen ideas, a flower bloom that would be used in the spring and summer and a confetti burst that would be used for fall and winter. These ideas were implemented to avoid offending users who may not celebrate certain holidays.

Splash Screens

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