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Evite, Life's Better Together

Evite, based in LA, is an online invitation company that makes it easy to celebrate together by offering thousands of professionally designed, on-trend digital invitations and cards.

In early 2018, Evite had a problem where Free, the free-to-use option, started outperforming Premium, the paid option. Free had animated options whereas Premium only had static invitations. In order to make Premium invitations more valuable for users, the strategy is to develop a way to make Lottie animations and keep them lightweight on the mobile platform. This is when I was brought on as the first animator and designer for this task.

My goal was to make Premium more valuable for users. My role was to implement and facilitate Lottie animation for Evite's Premium, optimize Free Gif animations, and help build out their categories of invitations with original illustrations. I collaborated with the Art Director, Leadership and Engineering. Apart from implementing Lottie animation, I created a system to help ease the pressure of onboarding new animators.

After my first year, I became a key contributing partner to mobile, marketing and product teams, helping to get animated templates on mobile and creating UI and Email animations.

The detailed processes and works are below.

Building a better Premium invitation experience with Lottie animation and optimizing the digital platform presentation.

Creating magical moments within the Evite mobile app.

An overview of some original invitation works and animations I created at Evite.

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