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Honey, Making Money Fair for Everyone

Honey, based in LA, an eCommerce company whose goal is to make money fair for everyone and save each user $1000 per month.

I was brought onto the product team as a visual designer and animator three months after the acquisition of Honey by PayPal for $4 billion in 2020.

As a visual designer, I'm nested in the product team and collaborate closely with product and growth designers. I focus on constantly pushing the visual design language to the next level. I co-created guidelines and governance for Coiny refresh and Honey's Visual library initiatives. I became a cross-functional team member and started providing visual and animation solutions for creative, marketing, and brand teams.


My team implemented a new visual design project intake process for new illustrations, animations, and 3d assets, so we can keep on top of many daily projects.

The detailed processes and works are below.

A reusable visual library full of magical moments for Product, Growth, Marketing and all other Honey departments.

A reusable library of staged and animated Coinys', guidelines and use cases. 

Honey's first utilization of Lottie, a more dynamic asset type that allowed us to specify the text at runtime.

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