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Relief is the first app that saves you money on your debt.

Relief is a groundbreaking Series-A venture-backed startup with a mission to help people conquer debt and breathe easy financially. Featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Inc., and Business Insider for our innovative app that lets people take control of their debt with personalized negotiation tools.


Relief’s algorithms customize each user’s repayment plans to ensure a successful and affordable pay-off of their debts, leading to increased recoveries and a revitalized debt collection process.


At Relief, we envision a world where financial distress becomes a thing of the past, and individuals are no longer defined or limited by their debt.

The detailed processes and works are below.

Led the development of Relief's first brand book, partnering with the teams' content designer.

Led the full visual design development.

I crafted a design system by aligning business goals, market research, design principles.

2. Design System (coming soon)

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